Remote Coach Video Analysis

GSG's Remote Coach is a great way to incorporate gameplay into the goalie's learning experience. With the use of video, goalies, and parents can receive feedback on their play in games and practices while their save selection choices, reading the play skills, and rebound skills are analyzed.

The Remote Coach platform allows goalies to "see" their play from productive instruction through voiceovers and screen writes. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on reading the ice/play as it develops.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Once registered, you will receive an invite to download the video analysis app. The app is easy to use with any of the following choices:

  • Video clips from a Go Pro
  • Clips uploaded form your phone into the app
  • Record directly in the app and sent to Coach Fogu for review

There is no extra equipment to purchase!

How long does the program run for?

The registration process begins on August 1st, and the Remote Coaching program starts on August 15th and ends on March 15th. The subscription runs monthly, and you can cancel at the end of any monthly cycle.

How many video clips can I upload?

Every goalie is different. Some goalies can sit for an hour and watch videos, which can be extremely productive. However, some goalies can effectively review videos for 10-12 minutes. We recommend submitting the clips, and Coach Fogu will analyze the video that will serve a purpose and return an analyzed clip that brings value and purpose.


Cost Per Month: $65.00

The monthly fee is less than a semi-private lesson but brings in another form of learning for goalies. Both correction and accolades will be discussed, and goalies can use the clips as a pre-game tool for positive visualization.

2023-2024 Remote Coach

With the Onform technology and the Great Saves analytics, goalies and parents will be able to see a trend of saves, goals, goal locations, and rebounds and also be able to incorporate skills into lessons (if you are a GSG goalie) or have drills developed that you can incorporate into your own practice based on game footage and tendencies.

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